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You cannot doubt the integrity of the lock till the time the keys are in your possession. Imagine for a second that you lose the keys and a person with malicious intentions copies it to make mischief. You will be forced to take the whole situation into perspective and think of changing the lock for the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store offers you a far better and affordable option of rekeying locks. Several of our clients in area have opted for rekeying locks, thus saving enormous amount time and money they would have spent in replacing the locks.

When should you get your locks rekeyed?

If you have taken possession of a new property or evicted a nasty tenant recently, then it’s the right moment to get the locks rekeyed and obtain a new set of keys. It will ensure that the locks can no longer be accessed by the old keys that the old tenant might have retained on the sly or by the previous owner of the property. And while you are rekeying locks , you can also opt for the master key system to be integrated at this time, for greater key control of your property. Imagine opening all the locks by a single key, while every individual lock can also be opened by their own designated key too.

Rekeying locks - a better option?

Your chief worry, when you lose your keys is that it should not fall into the hands of the wrong person who might misuse it for his own gains. If the locks are in prime condition, an honest locksmith will suggest opting for rekeying locks. After rekeying, the old keys will become redundant as the lock could only be opened by the new key.Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store Northwest Crossing, TX 210-485-1298

Replacement is inevitable, if:

  • The lock has been broken
  • The lock is old and rusted
  • The lock is very outdated
  • The lock shows signs of wear and tear
  • You need enhanced security

Call in the experts in rekeying locks:

People who are unaware of rekeying procedure are often duped by unscrupulous locksmiths, who, without even checking the lock for rekeying advice to replace the lock, incurring expenses and a chance to inflate the bill by selling an expensive lock to an unsuspecting customer. We, at Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store, are transparent in all our dealings and clearly explain all the choices to our customers beforehand.

Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store is the most reliable locksmith service provider in and around Northwest Crossing, due to our high principles and professional approach. If you require rekeying locks process to be conducted, contact us!