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Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store Northwest Crossing, TX 210-485-1298If you are a resident of area and own a business, then read on, as this may help you strengthen the security at your property by leaps and bounds. But first things first, why do we need extra security measures for business? Almost every commercial property is full of sensitive information that can be very dangerous in the hands of an outsider. Plus, there are top-secret projects you wouldn’t want every employee to know about. But how do you enforce this? Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store suggests that you must rekey to master key system.

What does it mean to rekey to master key system?

Rekeying to a master key system is the best way to implement a hierarchy of key systems and wield greater control over your commercial property. It’s a simple process through which your locks are rekeyed keeping in mind the magnitude of control you wish to give to your employees. Technically speaking, it involves placing additional ‘spacers’ or ‘master wafers’ in each chamber of the lock that have shear lines which allow a single master key to open numerous locks. These additional shear lines enable different types of keys to work on the locks.

Which one to choose?

Confused? Don’t worry. Once you are familiarized with rekey to master key system , you would be able to choose which master key system you should implement. Depending upon your security needs and the amount of control you are willing to give, you can choose from master key, sub-master key system or a great grand master key system. It all depends on the type of business and the levels of management at your company. For instance, if you have a large organization, you can give key top-management people access to the great grand master key system.

Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store is happy to send its commercial locksmith experts at your organization who can further advise you on the type of master key system you should choose. We provide free consultation to your clients and our locksmiths will clear all your doubts surrounding the master key setup.

Need a fool-proof security setup at your property? Get your locks rekeyed to master key system immediately. Call 210-485-1298 now!