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Locks and keys have been around for ages and the world cannot function without them. Our whole world comes to a halt when either a lock or key fails to function properly. Let’s consider a situation. Imagine that you are about to leave for a vacation with your entire family and just cannot find the keys to your front door. What's more, you don't even know where you kept the spare one. What would you do to save you trip from getting canceled? The answer is simple – call a professional locksmith who can make a new set of keys right on the spot and get you back in vacation-mode! And if you are a resident of area, Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store is the best lock smith professional for you.

The best locksmith in the area

Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store Northwest Crossing, TX 210-485-1298We understand how hard it is to find a dependable locksmith, especially when you are living in a city which is full of professional locksmith agencies. It is only wise to trust a professional that has been operational for over 10 years and is recommended by hundreds of customers. Northwest Crossing Locksmith Store has resolved innumerous lock and key related issues and is an expert at handling any lock smith task. We are the most trusted professionals according to our customers and employ a team of educated lock smiths after a thorough background check. So, rest assured because your locks and keys are in safe hands.

What is distinctive about us?


No matter where you are located in , our expert locksmiths will reach you as swiftly as possible.

24x7 lock smith help:

Caught in a midnight lockout situation or need new locks during the wee hours of the morning? Call our 24x7 helpline and our team will reach you within minutes.

True professionals:

There is no other locksmith company in the whole country that can match our screening process that helps us select the finest talent. Ourlock smiths possess educational qualifications and undergo rigorous training that shapes them into true professionals.


In order to facilitate a quick and convenience lock smith service, we have implemented mobile locksmith vehicles throughout Northwest Crossing. They help us reach any location easily and enables us to offer our key locksmith services right on the location itself.

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